We have selected Animal Diversity Web as the world's very best website on Aardvarks.

he Animal Diversity Web website is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology, published by the University of Michigan, USA. The website contains thousands of species accounts about individual animal species; these include text, pictures, photographs, movies of specimens, and sound recordings. 

The Animal Diversity Website includes a section on the Aardvark, or Orycteropus Afer, which is one of the Grzimek mammals. This contains a general article on the Aardvark, covering: Geographic Range, Habitat, Physical Description of the Aardvark, Reproduction, Aardvark Behaviour, Aardvark Food Habits, Economic Importance of the Aardvark for Humans, and Aardvark Conservation Status.
There are also sections on Aardvark Pictures, Aardvark Specimens (including photographs of Aardvark bones), and Classification of the Aardvark. The website explains that Aardvarks have the appearance of a pig with a long snout. Aardvarks have thick skin, which is a dull yellow gray, and has sparse hairs. Part of the aardvark's ear can fold back to protect the ears while burrowing. The aardvark's tongue is tapered. 

Click here for the Animal Diversity Web website:  http://animaldiversity.org/accounts/Tubulidentata/