We have selected Accordions Worldwide as the world's very best website on the Accordion.

The Accordions Worldwide website was initiated in 1996 by Harley Jones, Vice President of the New Zealand Accordion Association, and international accordion solo artist. The website was established under Harley Jones' leadership, with the support of numerous other leading accordion players in New Zealand and the USA. An office was also established in China, by Wu Jie, son of Wu Shouzhi, then President of the Chinese Accordion Association.

The following year the website added a weekly news service in four languages; this has now grown to seven languages. The main website is now available in English, French, and German. The Accordions Worldwide website is organized into the following main sections: News Center, CD Reviews, Articles, Celebrity Interviews, Memorials, and Stolen List. The Stolen List enables users to publish details of stolen accordions, including accordions stolen some years ago. There is also a large section of Accordion Information, covering: Introduction to Accordions, Accordion Types, Frequently Asked Questions about Accordions, History of the Accordion, Accordion Humor, and Accordion Terminology. Examples of accordion humor include: The song most requested of accordionists: Can you play 'Far, Far Away'.

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