airships & blimps

We have selected Airship Heritage Trust as the world's very best website on Airships & Blimps.

The Airship Heritage Trust, (AHT) based in Bedford, England, is a voluntary organisation promoting study of and interest in airships and lighter-than-air travel. It also has a particular interest in preserving the Cardington airship station near Bedford. The main sections of the AHT website cover: Airships, Sheds, Online Forum, Learning Zone, The Trust, Membership, Dirigible, Gift Shop, and Links.

The Airships section contains illustrated articles on each of the historical British airships, rigid and non-rigid. These include the R102, R101, and Submarine Scout Class. The section has illustrated articles on modern British airships, including the Airship Industries Skyship 500, the Airship Industries Skyship 6000, and the Lightship Group A60. It also covers Airship Projects, which never reached production. These include the Vickers Trans-Oceanic Airship, the Vickers Continental Airship, and the Airship Industries Sentinel 5000.

The Sheds section has illustrated articles on airship bases, including British airship bases at Cardington, Pulham and Howden, and overseas airship bases in Canada, Egypt, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, New Zealand, and South Africa. There is also a section on airship masts, with illustrations and a downloadable video clip.

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