albert einstein

We have selected Albert Einstein Online as the world's very best website on Albert Einstein.

The Albert Einstein Online website is  produced by Morgan Friedman, who describes himself as an easily amused compulsive people watcher, and is based in New York City, USA. Morgan Friedman has created a diverse variety of other websites, including: Overheard in New York, Yiddishims, Wedding Betting, Walking Around New York City's Ethnic Neighbourhoods, and Incomprehensible Business Jargon.

The Albert Einstein Online website is a single-page umbrella website, which lists links to websites around the world related to Albert Einstein. These are grouped into the following categories: Overviews, Moments, Physics, Writings, Quotes, Pictures, Miscellaneous, and Announcements.

The link to Albert Einstein Pictures includes the following photographs: Albert Einstein as a Patent Clerk in Bern Switzerland, Albert Einstein Upon his Arrival in New York in 1921, Albert Einstein Vacations with Family & Friends in the Grand Canyon in 1931, and Albert Einstein Sworn In as a US Citizen in 1940.

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