alexander graham bell

We have selected Dictionary of Canadian Biography as the world's very best website on Alexander Graham Bell.

The Dictionary of Canadian Biography was made possible by the bequest of James Nicholson, a Toronto businessman, who at his death in 1952 left the residue and bulk of his estate to the University of Toronto for the purpose of creating a biographical reference work for Canada of truly national importance.

The Dictionary includes a biography of Alexander Graham Bell, covering his remarkable life and work including his invention of the telephone. Born in Edinburgh in 1847, Alexander Bell emigrated with his parents to Canada in 1870. After his invention of the telephone in 1875, Bell continued with many experiments in communication, including the invention of the photophone-transmission of sound on a beam of light - a precursor to current optical fiber systems. He also worked in medical research and invented methods for teaching speech to the deaf. 

Bell's inventive genius was pervasive. His own home used a basic form of air conditioning, with fans blowing currents of air across large blocks of ice. He also anticipated current concerns with energy conservation. He proposed that methane gas could be produced from the waste of farms and factories, and experimented with composting toilets. He also speculated on the possibility of using solar panels to heat houses.

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