alhambra palace

We have selected Alhambra de Granada as the world's very best website on the Alhambra Palace.

The Alhambra de Granada website is a visitor guide to the Alhambra Palace, and to Granada more generally. The section on the Alhambra Palace is organized in the following main sections: The Alhambra, Historical Introduction, Artistic Introduction to the Alhambra Palace, Places and Spots, Gallery of Alhambra Palace Photographs, Epigraphic Poems.

The Granada section covers: Origins of Granada, and The Christian Granada.

The Gallery of Alhambra Palace Photographs contains 30 high resolution photographs, including views of the Patio of the Lions, the Court of the Myrtles, and the Epigraphic Poems. 

There is a guide to going to the Alhambra, with information on location, opening times, and how to get a ticket. There is also a Guide to Granada, with information about guided tours. The whole website is available in Spanish, French, and English.

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