We have selected Almond Board of California as the world's very best website on Almonds. 

The Almond Board of California produces the 'Almonds Are In' website as a resource about almond nuts. The website is organized in four sections, for Growers Handlers & Trade Professionals, for Almond Lovers, for Health Professionals, and for Foodservice & Food Manufacturers. Versions are available in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. 

The professional section of the website covers Almond Board Programs, Almond Trade & Statistics, Almond News, and Industry Resources including E-learning modules and fact sheets. The consumer section of the website covers Recipes including a featured recipe, Nutrition, All About Almonds, Testimonials, Storage & Usage Tips, Food Safety & Allergens, News, Almond Suppliers, Almond Factoids, and Almond Links. The Almond Factoids are randomly presented; topics include Did You Know that Almonds Couldn't Grow Without the Help of Bees? and Did You Know that Almonds are Part of Jewish Culture?

The Almond Board of California also offers six free email newsletters, for consumers, health professionals, and those working in the almond industry. These include Almond Industry News, and Environmental Update.

Click here for the Almond Board of California website: