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The Alvar Aalto Foundation was founded in 1968. It is the custodian of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto's architectural drawings and writings, and controls the copyright to them. The Foundation owns the Aalto House in Helsinki's Riihitie (1935-1936), and the Tiilmaki studio (1954-1955)). It is also the custodian of the Muuratsalo Experimental House (1952-1954) and the Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyvaskyla (1971-1973).

The mission of the Foundation is to conserve and promote the lifetime work and architecture of Alvar Aalto, and to promote the wider field of architecture in ways which are consistent with Alvar Aalto's ideals.

The Alvar Aalto Foundation website is available in Finnish and English. It is organized into the following main sections: Alvar Aalto, Information, Units, and Shop. The Alvar Aalto section covers: Alvar Aalto CV, Alvar Aalto Buildings, Alvar Aalto Chairs, Alvar Aalto Light Fittings, Bibliography, Collections, and Research. The Alvar Aalto buildings section lists all the buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, in chronological order. There is information about those that are open to the public, with links to more detailed information.

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