american civil war

We have selected American Civil War Homepage as the world's very best website on the American Civil War.

The American Civil War Homepage website is produced by Dr George Hoemann and Mary Myers, both of the University of Tennessee. The website is a carefully selected directory of links to electronic materials relevant to the American Civil War. The website reflects the importance of the War as the occasion for the abolition of slavery, but also as marking the emergence of the United States as a modern, industrialised power. 

The links are seen as a metaphor for the interconnections of the War's past with our present and future, and with the continuing American fascination with the struggle between North and South, between free and slave.
The American Civil War Homepage organizes its directory of electronic resources into the following categories: Music of the Civil War Era, Other General Resources, the Secession Crisis and Before, Images of Wartime, Biographical Information, Histories & Bibliographies, Documentary Records, Private/Personal Documents, State & Local Studies, Battles & Campaigns, Rosters & Regimental Histories, Other Military Information, Civil War Reenactors, Civil War Round Tables, and Fictional Accounts of Wartime.
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