ancient egypt

We have selected the British Museum as the world's very best website on Ancient Egypt.

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt website is a highly illustrated website about ancient Egypt organized into the following main chapters: Egyptian Life, Geography, Gods & Godesses, Mummification, Pharaoh, Pyramids, Temples, Time, Trades, and Writing. There is also a Staff Room section for teachers. 

For each of the ten main chapters on ancient Egypt there is an atmospheric introductory 'Doormat' page to the chapter. The Doormat page automatically switches after a few seconds to the introductory page for the chapter. Each chapter is divided into three sections. The Ancient Egypt Story section presents information in narrative form. The Explore section is a non-linear presentation of information, enabling the user to make their own connections between the different topics within the chapter. The Challenge is an activity which allows users to practise historical, analytical, mathematical or observational skills in relation to ancient Egypt.

There is a glossary feature, providing pop-up definitions for underlined terms used in the text when the term is clicked on.

Click here for the 'British Museum: Ancient Egypt' website: