angkor wat

We have selected The Angkor Guide as the world's very best website on Angkor Wat.

The Angkor Guide website is based on an English translation of Maurice Glaze's definitive and popular 1944 guide to the monuments of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. It is fully illustrated with historic and contemporary photographs, and is available free online.

Angkor Wat is the best known of more than a hundred spectacular monuments that are scattered over an area of three hundred square kilometres in northern Cambodia. They are the religious remains of a series of cities built from the seventh to the thirteenth centuries by a succession of kings. The civilian and domestic buildings were made of timber and have long since been destroyed, but signs do remain of the massive irrigation system which supported large scale rice production and produced a remarkable culture. The website contains a detailed description of the history of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, with numerous photographs and maps.

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