We have selected the Armagnac National Association Bureau as the world's very best website on Armagnac.

The Armagnac National Association Bureau (BNIA) is based in Gascogny, in south west France. Its website is a resource about armagnac, presented in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese. Armagnac, regarded as France's premier brandy, is an eau-de-vie produced in Gascogny by distilling white wine in an armagnac still; it is then aged for many years in oak barrels. 

The website is divided into the following main sections: Discovering Armagnac, Connoisseurs, Tasting Armagnac, and Professionals. The Discovering Armagnac section includes a history of armagnac from its origins in the 14th century. It was originally consumed for its health giving properties, it being thought to have 40 medicinal benefits, including preserving youth, retarding senility, and improving the memory.

The Conoisseurs section of the website gives information on local soils, on the vine and the wine, distillation, ageing, and how to read an armagnac label. Other sections cover tasting armagnac, cooking and recipes, cocktails and aperitifs, and armagnac as a digestive.

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