We have selected Armour Archive as the world's very best website on the hobby of Armour.

The Armour Archive is an online resource designed to help people make armour. It is aimed at everyone from beginners to advanced armourers. The Armour Archive website contains a pattern archive and a discussion area. There is also a section covering items for sale,and a directory of links to armouries, supplies stores, and construction pages.

The largest content section is a set of essays on armour. The Starting to Armour essays cover subjects such as Maille Safety, Building a Vice from Scrap, Build your own Anvil, and Building a Propane Forge. The Armour Techniques and Tricks essays cover subjects such as Riveting Basics, How to Planish, Constructing Articulated Joint Armour, A Short Essay on Fluting, Converting a Hide into Leather or Fur, and Creating a Russet Finish.

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