We have selected Astronomy Magazine as the world's very best website on Astronomy.

Astronomy Magazine is published by Kalmbach Publishing, based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA. Astronomy Magazine was launched in 1973 by Steve Walther, then aged 29. Sadly Walther died of a brain tumour just three years later, but his magazine grew under his successors to become the largest circulation astronomy magazine in the world. It was bought by Kalmbach Publishing in 1985.

The Astronomy Magazine website is organized in the following main sections: Email Astronomy newsletter, Current Issue, Back Issues, Trips & Tours, Astronomy for Kids, Introduction to the Sky, Urban Skies, Astronomy Equipment, Astronomy Glossary, Magazine Columns, Astronomy News, Astronomy Articles, Product Showcase, Sky Events, Star Dome, Multimedia Gallery, Reader Forums, Blog, Podcast, Astronomy Groups, and Community Events. Much of this material is free; some is premium material available only to Astronomy Magazine subscribers. 

The Introduction to the Sky section contains freely available illustrated astronomy articles on: The Sun, Moon & Planets, The Aurora, Meteors, Comets, Solar System, The Starry Sky, The Deep Sky, and Light Pollution.
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