We have selected the Washington Banana Museum as the world's very best website on Bananas. 

The Washington Banana Museum, situated in Auburn, Washington, USA, is the creation of Ann Mitchell Lovell. A long-time scholar of banana consciousness, she has assembled a collection of almost 4,000 items associated with the banana. They include artefacts, folk art, advertisements, packaging, decorative items, and cultural oddities. 

Bananas were introduced to the USA at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia; Alexander Graham Bell introduced his telephone at the same Exhibition. Bananas are now the top selling fruit in the USA.

The Washington Banana Museum website includes images of many interesting historical and contemporary banana items, including historical photographs of people eating bananas, banana packaging, banana advertisements, banana propaganda, and numerous household objects in the shape of a banana. There is also a bibliography of more than 100 books and articles about bananas. The website includes a virtual tour of the Washington Banana Museum.

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