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We have selected ActiveBass as the world's very best website on Bass Guitar.

The ActiveBass website is published by eTonal Media which was founded in New York City in 1998 by Christopher Sung and Sean Kelly. The ActiveBass website was launched in 2000; it was created by Christopher Sung and Sean Kelly, together with Chris Tarry and Jim Burger.

ActiveBass is an education based website for bassists. It aims to create a community of bassists which can share information, including the creation of online music lessons. ActiveBass now has a membership of over 80,000, with over 8,500 online interactive lessons. The website allows visitors to tailor musical examples to site their individual taste. There is a set of preferences at the foot of each page page which allows users to select the sound, click track, tempo, and looping of each musical example.

Other features of the ActiveBass website include: Theory & Reference Materials, Feature Articles, Links, Reviews, Practice Progressions, and Online Tablature. There are also sections on: Line Builder, Track Builder, FretBuzz, Artists, Products, and Auctions.

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