We have selected KBSA as the world's very best website on Bathrooms.

The Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA) is a UK based trade association of manufacturers and retailers supplying fittings and furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It was formed in 1978, is based in Worcester, England. It has more than 300 retailer members, and more than 100 leading manufacturer and distributor members.

The KBSA website has a section on bathrooms, which covers: Finding a Design Specialist, Interactive Bathroom Planner, Hints and Tips, Freestanding Bath Tubs, Buying Advice, Shower Enclosures, Ask an Expert, and Complaint Handling. The Interactive Bathroom Planner contains a questionnaire to help clarify your bathroom needs. This covers topics such as the number and age of users, the present state of the bathroom, possible color schemes and motifs, size and structure of the room, and whether it is intended to keep houseplants in the bathroom.

The Ask an Expert section offers free response to emailed enquiries on any aspect of bathroom design and installation.

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