We have selected Broadside as the world's very best website on the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Broadside website contains articles and historical documents describing the British Navy in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, at the time of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It has a substantial section on the Battle of Trafalgar, with an eyewitness account, and a list of the signals made by Admiral Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar. 

Other sections of the Broadside website relevant to the battle of Trafalgar are: Life, Death & Health, Pay & Prize Money, Ships and Tactics, Frigate Engagement, Guns & Small Arms, The Press Gang, Crime & Punishment, Patronage & Promotion, the Battle of the Nile, and Victories & Casualties.

The section on the Battle of Trafalgar covers: The Chase, The Battle, Close Action, and the Aftermath. There is a casualty list for each British ship, giving the name of the Captain, the number of guns, and the number killed and wounded.

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