battle of waterloo

We have selected British Battles as the world's very best website on the Battle of Waterloo.

The British Battles website has a substantial section on the Battle of Waterloo. In addition to a detailed illustrated article, there are additional sections on: Waterloo Allied Order, Waterloo Casualties, Waterloo French Order, Waterloo La Haye Sante, Waterloo Scots Greys, and Waterloo Uniform. 

The main article gives details of the size of the various armies, the British Regiments taking part, the Background to the Battle, the Old Guard Advance, and the End of the Battle. When in the closing stages of the battle Wellington appeared on the skyline and waved his hat to give the signal for a general attack in pursuit of the French troops, the British, Belgian, Dutch and German troops poured forward, and the French retreat became a rout. Three battalions of the French Old Guard fought to the end to enable the Emperor Napoleon to escape from the battlefield.

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