We have selected as the world's very best website on Beer.

The website is published by Real Beer Media Inc., of San Francisco, California, USA. It is a comprehensive resource about beer. The main sections of the website are:, Community, Fun, News, Retail, Breweries & Pubs, Links, and Events. 

The section contains numerous articles on subjects including Beer & Food, Beer & Health, Homebrewing, Beer in the United Kingdom, Beer in Germany, Beer in Central Europe, Beer in Japan, and Beer in Mexico. There is also a Library section. This contains original publications, including Brew Like a Monk, Beer Travelers, Canadian Beer Index, and Pro Brewers Page. It also contains online enthusiasts' brewzines, including Eric's Beer Page, Guide to Belgian Beer, and New Mexico Virtual Brewpub.

The Beer Fun section includes Beer Contests, Beer Humor, Beer Quotes, Beer Games, Beer Toasts, and a Poll allowing readers to take part in a monthly beer poll. The Retail section has a directory of links to suppliers of beer related merchandise, including cigars, glassware, steins, mugs and home brew supplies. The News section is organized into the following categories: Breweries, Culture & Health, Beer Trends, Politics & Legal, Beer Numbers, and Just for Fun.

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