We have selected Visit Berlin as the world's very best website on Berlin. 

The Visit Berlin website is published by the official Berlin Tourism Board, which is charged with the promotion worldwide of Berlin as a tourist destination. The website is organized into the following main sections: Search & Booking, Target Groups, Culture, Sightseeing, Explore Berlin, and Fun & Games. 

The Search & Booking covers: Accommodation, Berlin Events, Berlin Tour Guides, Buses & Transfers, Boat Trips, and Car Rental. The Target Groups section has specialist sections on visiting Berlin for: Travel Groups, Families, Youths, Berlin de Luxe, Gays & Lesbians, Seniors, Adults Only, and the Handicapped.
The Culture section has illustrated articles on: Berlin Highlights, Berlin Museums, Berlin Exhibitions, Palaces & Gardens, Opera & Classical Music, Berlin Theatre, Entertainment, and Berlin Nightlife. The Sightseeing section covers: Sights, Museums, Palaces, City Tours, and Berlin's Surroundings. The Explore Berlin sectin covers: Wining & Dining, Shopping, Leisure, and Sports.
The 'Visit Berlin' website is at this web address: