We have selected Boston Online as the world's very best website on Boston. 

The Boston Online website is a joint venture of The World, which was the world's first internet service provider, and Adam Gaffin, a leading figure in the Boston internet scene and author of Relocating to Boston. The associated website Universal Hub is a digest, edited several times a day, of Boston-area news and views culled from more than 1,000 weblogs and forums in the Boston area. 

Whereas Boston Online is aimed mainly at visitors to Boston, Universal Hub is aimed more at people who live and work in the Boston area; people who really care about who's running for what office, new restaurants and what weird things happened on the local subways.
The Boston Online website is organized into the following main sections: A Place to Stay, A job, What Bostonians are Talking About, How Violent is my Neighbourhood, A Late Night Restaurant, A Public Restroom, and Boston Photos. There are also three Wicked Good Guides on: Boston English (covering pronunciation, grammar, place names and vocabulary), Boston for Visitors, and Bizarro Boston (from the killer molasses flood to gian glass bugs).

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