We have selected Brick Development Association as the world's very best website on Bricks.

The Brick Development Association (BDA), based near Windsor, England, is the UK trade association for brick manufacturers. It has a comprehensive website on bricks, covering: Innovation in Brick, Brick Publications, Education and Training, Brick Codes and Standards, New Brick Standards, Brick Bulletin, Brick Events, and Brick Awards. 

BDA publications cover a wide range of technical topics on bricks; many are available online for free download. Titles available for free download include: The Use of Traditional Lime Mortar in Modern Brickwork, Observations on the Use of Reclaimed Clay Bricks, Cleaning of Clay Brickwork, Cleaning of Clay Paved Surfaces, Cleaning of Calcium Silicate Brickwork, Cleaning Safety Precautions, Water Repellent Coatings, Colour Consistency, Re-pointing of Brickwork, Bricklaying in Winter Conditions, and Tinting Brickwork.
The BDA Brick Bulletin is published three times a year. It contains profiles of recently completed brick projects, news, and technical guidance.
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