british trees

We have selected Woodland Trust as the world's very best website on British Trees.

The Woodland Trust is a charity, based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, which is dedicated to the preservation and creation of native woodland. The Trust acquires and manages woodlands, and promotes the value of woodland to the public and to government.

The Woodland Trust umbrella website contains the British Trees website. It was created by Bill Unsworth, and donated by him to the Woodland Trust in 2004. The British Trees website is organized into the following sections: Native Tree Guide, Organisations, Bibliography, Magazines, Links, Images, and Resources.

The Native Tree Guide section contains articles on each of 35 native British trees, ranging from Alder, Ash, and Aspen to Wild Service Tree, Wych Elm, and Yew. Each article is illustrated, and covers: Description, Where Found, Phenology Timeline, Similar Species, Uses Past & Present, and Propagation & Growth.
The 'Woodland Trust' website is at this web address: