Candle making

We have selected Candletech as the world's very best website on Candle Making.

The Candletech website covers candle and soap making, aiming to provide free online instruction to everyone from beginners to those who wish to progress to start their own business. The website has five main sections: Basic Instructions in Candle Making, Candle Making Community, General Information, Techniques and Ideas for Candle Making, and Bath & Body.

Basic Instructions covers: Melting Wax, Pillar Instructions, Votive Candle Instructions, and Container Candle Instructions. The Techniques and Ideas sections covers Chunk Candles, Wax Art, Hurrican Shells, Rainbow Pillars, Embedding Photos, Marbled Candles, Draped Layers, Wax Dipped Teddy Bears, and Cold-Pour/Rustic Candles.

The community section of the Candletech website covers message boards (with over 4,000 members), Free Classified Ads, Community Links, and information on Events and Gatherings.

Click here for the Candletech website: