We have selected World Carrot Museum as the world's very best website on Carrots.

The World Carrot Museum website is produced by John Stolarczyk, a carrot enthusiast. His home is in Yorkshire, England, where John and his family live on Red Wine, Pizza, Cassis, Chinese Food, and of course Carrots. 

The World Carrot Museum website is organized into the following main sections: History of the Carrot, Today, Wild Carrots, Nutritional Value of Carrots, Cultivation of Carrots, Carrot Fun, Carrot Trivia, and Carrot Oddities.

The Carrot Today section explains that the carrot is the world's second most popular vegetable, after the potato. It contains articles on: Cultivated Carrots, Carrot Varieties, Carrots Around the World, Sea Carrots, and Carrot Colours. 

The website contains 24 carrot recipes. There are sections on: Carrot Festivals, Carrots in Fine Art, Medicinal Uses of Carrots, Purple Carrots, Carrot Toys & Collectibles, and Ask Mr Carrot a Question. There is also a section on various groups of people around the world, discovered by the World Carrot Museum, who make musical instruments out of carrots. These include Kerry Fletcher and Alain Thirion from Perth, Western Australia. Their instruments include Single Pipe Carrots which play a single note, and Carrot Pan Pipes, which can play a tune of twelve notes.

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