We have selected Comite Champagne as the world's very best website on Champagne.

Comite Champagne produces this official website for Champagne wines. Its website is organized in four main sections: Discover, Select, Tasting, and Explore. 

The Discover section covers: a Map of the Champagne Region, Key Facts about Champagne, the Champagne Vineyards today, and Visiting Champagne. The Select section covers: From the Range, From Four Families, Champagne to Suit the Dish, Champagne to Suit the Moment, Champagne to Suit the Occasion or Celebration, and Champagne to Suit Your Personality. The Tasting section covers: Serving Champagne, Using Your Senses, Stages in Tasting Champagne, and Tasting Sheet. The Explore section gives background information about Champagne and the Champagne Region, including: Three Centuries of Champagne History, The Champagne Appellation, The Keys to the Wines of Champagne, and Champagne Bibliography.

The Comite Champagne website has a substantial multimedia section, with articles, photographs and downloadable videos on aspects of Champagne. Subjects include: Champagne Houses, Geography, History, Appellation, The Terroir, The Vine, Harvesting, Pressing, Winemaking, Blending, Effervescence, Ageing, Remuage, and Disgorgement.

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