channel tunnel

We have selected The Other Side as the world's very best website on the Channel Tunnel.

The Other Side website is an English language guide to Northern France. It is published by Ilsa Rowe and Ian Killbery. Their not-for-profit company Invicta Media is based in Deal, Kent, and is dedicated to promoting understanding in Europe, particularly among young people. The website is parly funded by the European Commission European Regional Development Fund.

The website has a substantial section on the Channel Tunnel. It contains illustrated articles on: First Suggestions in the Napoleonic Wars, A Victorian Railway Tunnel, The Problems Tunnellers Faced, 1870s Checking the Geology, 1880-83 First Serious Attempts to Build a Tunnel, 1914-18 The Tunnel Could Have Won the War Sooner, 1974 & 1987 The Second and Third Attempts, Checking the Geology Again in the 1980s, How the Tunnel Operates, and A Second Tunnel?

Other aspects of Northern France covered in the Other Side website include: Battle of Britain, Beer, Canals, Cheeses, Chicory, Chocllate, Churches, and Factory Shops, Fishing, Lace, Mills, Operation Sealion, Refuggees, Smuggling, and Victor Hugo.

Click here for the Channel Tunnel section of the Other Side website: