charles darwin

We have selected About Darwin as the world's very best website on Charles Darwin.

The About Darwin website was established in 2000, and is produced by David Leff, an amateur scholar of the history of science who is based in Oregon, USA. Leff decided to create the 250-page website after a six week holiday in England and Wales in 1998 took him to many of the places associated with Charles Darwin. He has now collected over 40 books by or about Charles Darwin, several dozen journal articles about him, and over 1000 photographs of places related to his life. 

The About Darwin website is organized into the following main sections: Darwin Timeline, Beagle Voyage, Darwin Photographs, About Darwin, Darwin Research Papers, Darwin News, People of Note, Books & Archives, and Darwin Links Database.

The Beagle Voyage section contains a series of maps showing the route of the voyage, with clickable links to articles on each stage of the journey. The About Darwin section contains a lengthy article discussing Darwin's appearance, his childhood, his love of natural science, his time at medical school, his time at Cambridge, his musical tastes, his tastes in literature, his family life, and his views on politics and religion. There are also separate articles on: Darwin's Day to Day Life, Darwin's Children, the Darwin Family Tree, and Darwin's Burial.

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