charlotte bronte

We have selected Victorian Web as the world's very best website on Charlotte Bronte.

The VictorianWeb website is a project funded in part by the University Scholars Program of the National University of Singapore. The webmaster is George P Landow, who is Professor of English and Art History at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The website is a comprehensive set of online resources to assist in the study of Victorian literature. 

The website contains sections on more than 80 Victorian authors, including Charlotte Bronte. The Charlotte Bronte section is organized into the following main parts: Charlotte Bronte Biography, Works of Charlotte Bronte, Political History, Social History, Religion, Science, Gender Matters, Literary Relations, Visual Arts, Genre & Mode, Setting, Imagery, Characterization, Narrative, Leading Questions about Charlotte Bronte, and Related Web Resources.

The Charlotte Bronte Biography section includes a biographical article by David Cody, of Hartwick College, and has a link to the full text of Elizabeth Gaskell's book The Life of Charlotte Bronte. The Works of Charlotte Bronte section contains discussions on her novel Jane Eyre, with a link to its full text. There is also a link to Mitsuharu Matsuoka's Hyper-Concordance which allows word searches in the complete texts of Charlotte Bronte's novels.

Click here for the Charlottte Bronte section of the VictorianWeb website: