chinese food

We have selected Nicemeal as the world's very best website on Chinese Food.

The Nicemeal website is produced by webmaster Danzo in Hong Kong. It provides more than 100 recipes for Chinese dishes, containing lists of ingredients, cooking instructions, and photographic illustrations. 

The Chinese food recipes are grouped under the following headings: Egg, Beef, Soup, Pork, Doufu, Chicken, Seafood, Dessert, Vegetable, and Special. There is also a general article about Chinese food, covering: Dining Tool & Habits, Traditional Chinese Food (including Doufu, Steamed Fish, Dim Sum, Lobster, Dark Rice Vinegar with Ginger, and Eggs in Tea), Festive Dishes, Religion Culture, Chinese Vegetarian Dishes, Main Food, Taste Depends on Climate, Herbs & Spices, Preserved Materials, and Cooking Tools for Chinese Diets.

The website also has a bulletin board for the discussion of Chinese food and Chinese food recipes.

Click here for the Nicemeal website: