We have selected Field Museum as the world's very best website on Chocolate.

The Field Museum, based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, was founded in 1893 as the Columbian Museum of Chicago. It was given its current name to honor its first major benefactor, Marshall Field. The Field Museum has a major online exhibition on chocolate, which was supported by the National Science Foundation. 

The Chocolate Online Exhibition has a profusely illustrated All About Chocolate section, covering Growing Chocolate, the History of Chocolate, Eating Chocolate, Making Chocolate, and Chocolate Books, Films and Resources. There are also animated interactive sequences on: Manufacturing Chocolate from Seed to Sweet, The Chocolate Challenge, and the Cacao Farm. These show clearly and in detail the process from the necessary conditions for the cacoa tree to grow (regular rainfall, steady warm temperatures, constant high humidity, partial shade, rich well drained soil, and capopy trees to protect from wind and moisture loss) through harvesting to chocolate manufacture.

Click here for the Field Museum chocolate website: