classical architecture

We have selected Institute of Classical Architecture & Art as the world's very best website on Classical Architecture. 

The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICA&A) works to advance the appreciation and practice of the classical tradition in architecture and in related arts. It is a non-profit organization, based in New York City, USA. 

A notable feature of the ICA&CA website is its Handbook of Classical Architecture. This is downloadable free online, in HTML and PDF formats. It is a comprehensive reference resource for the elements of classical architecture, covering Moldings, the Orders, and Proportion. The section on the Orders covers Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite Orders. In each case there are detailed drawings of the capital and base, the pediment, and the volute. The section on Proportion covers linear proportion, case studies, geometric proportion, rectangle spectrum, reciprocal and gnomon, Phi rectangle, Mu rectangle, and bibliography.
Other sections of the ICA&A website cover: travel programs, publications, academic programs, public programs, online resources, news, bulletin board, and calendar of events.
The ICA&A website is at this web address: