cole porter

We have selected Cole Wide Web as the world's very best website on Cole Porter.

The Cole Wide Web website is produced by JX Bell, also known as J Christopher Bell, who is based in San Francisco, California, USA. Bell is an artist, musician, photographer, improvisational actor, technical writer, graphic designer, programmer, problem solver, and communication consultant. He likes spicy food, fuzzy fabrics, loud music, elegant photography, hot water, fruity drinks, creative yet responsible people, and anything with mint in it.

The Cole Wide Web website is organized into the following main sections: Cole Porter Biography, CDs, Books, Cole Porter Sheet Music, Legal Stuff, Cole Porter Movies, and Song Search. 

The Cole Porter Biography section contains an illustrated biographical article by JX Bell. The CDs section lists and reviews numerous CDs of Cole Porter music. There is a five star rating system, with five stars meaning 'Cole Porter fans should own this'. The Books section contains brief reviews of more than 20 books about Cole Porter.

The 'Cole Wide Web' website is at this web address: