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American Comedy Archives was established in 2005 at Emerson College, Boston, Mass, USA. The project was initiated by Bill Dana, who studied at Emerson College, and went on to have a successful career in comedy. He was head writer for the Steve Allen Show from 1956 to 1960. He also appeared on popular TV comedy shows including the Ed Sullivan Show, the Martha Raye Show, the Milton Berle Show, and played the role of Uncle Angelo in the Golder Girls TV series.

Working with prominent Emerson College alumni, the American Comedy Archives are creating a video collection of oral history interviews. The project will also work to acquire the papers and memorabilia of prominent comedians through donation, tax benefit, or purchase.
Oral histories currently available include interviews with Shelley Berman, Bill Dana, Phyllis Diller, Larry Gelbart, Dick Gregory, and Normal Lear. The website also has an image gallery, comprising photographs taken during the oral history interviews.

The 'American Comedy Archives' website is at this web address: