computer software

We have selected PC Magazine as the world's very best website on Computer Software.

The PC Magazine website has a large section covering personal computer software. The main sections of the website are: Reviews, Downloads, Expert Help, News, Columns, Shop, Discuss, and @Work. The Reviews section covers: Product Reviews, Comparisons, Review Roundups, Editor's Choice, and Latest Reviews.

The computer software section carries product guides covering categories which include: Backup Software, Blogging Software, CRM Software, Data Mining, Desktop Publishing, Digital Audio Software, Digital Imaging Software, Email, Financial Software, Legal, Mapping Software, Networking, OCR, Security, Small Business Software, Speech Recognition, Utilities, and Videoconferencing. 

The PC Magazine Downloads section offers a wide range of personal computer software, mostly utilities, for free download. The Expert Help section allows users to put questions to experts, these are then answered online for all to see.

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