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We have selected Conjuring Arts as the world's very best website on Conjuring & Magic.

The Conjuring Arts website is published by Savetz Publishing, of Blue Lake, California, USA. Savetz Publishing produces a diverse range of specialist websites. Topics include: Cheap PC Guide, Subwoofer Test Pattern, Making International Calls, Sedu Hair Styles, All About Shredders, and Ask Doctor Windshield.

 The Conjuring Arts website provides instructions for learning hundreds of conjuring and magic tricks. These are grouped in the following categories: Card Tricks, Magic Tricks with Coins, Magic Tricks with Balls Cups & Eggs, Magic Tricks with Handkerchiefs, Tricks at the Table, Sleight of Hand, Tricks with Animals, Memory Tricks, Sham Mesmerism, Sham Clairvoyance, and Magician's Tools.

Conjuring and magic tricks for which instructions are provided include: The Wine-drinking Crystal Ball, The Magic Omelette, The Sack Trick, The Dancing Sailor, The Shower of Cups, The Flags of Old England, Firing a Girl from a Cannon into a Trunk, The Moving Ears, the Knot of Mystery, and the Climax to the Hat of Plenty.

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