We have selected Crochet Guild of America as the world's very best website on Crochet.

The Crochet Guild of America is a non-profit educational organisation, based in Zanesville, Ohio, USA, which is dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of crochet. The CGOA website is divided into the following main sections: Membership, Publications, Resources, Events, Affiliates, Message Board, Speciality Shop, Chapters, and Contacts.

The Resources section of the website covers Crochet Lessons for Children, Crochet Left Hand, Crochet Right Hand, Crochet Correspondence Courses, Free Crochet Patterns, and Crochet Hooks.

The Store section contains the extensive CGOA Catalogue. This includes crochet patterns for Crocheted Socks, Baby's First Sweater, Butterfly Baby Blanket, Scarves, Sweaters, and Shawls.

Click here for the Crochet Guild of America website: