We have selected Dates are Great as the world's very best website on Dates.

The Dates are Great website is produced by the California Date Administrative Committee on behalf of the California date industry. The Dates are Great website is organized in the following main sections: Recipe Library, Foodservice, Consumers, Health & Nutrition, For the Youngsters, Harvesting & History of Dates, and Fusarium Wilt Facts. The Recipes section is organized into Date Appetizers, Date Entrees, and Date Desserts. A Dates Home Recipe Booklet may be downloaded in PDF. 

The Harvesting section explains that date palms are dioecious - having female and male trees. Commercial date gardens typically have one male and fifty female trees per acre. Pollination is by hand, with pollen collected from male flowers being mixed with a flour carrier and being dusted on just-opened female flower clusters.

The Dates Foodservice section describes various date products produced for use in the food industry. These include: Dehydrated Date Pieces, Date Paste, Extruded Date Pieces, Diced Dates, Date Concentrate, and Macerated Dates.

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