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World's best website on Discus Throwing: Selected by Beesker

Discus Throwing


Beesker recommends 'Everything Track & Field' as the world's best website on discus throwing



The Everything Track & Field website is published by M-F Athletic of Cranston, Rhode Island, USA. M-F Athletic is a catalogue retailer of of all types of track and field equipment, including Throwing Equipment, Jumping Equipment, Shoes & Apparel, Books & Videos, Timing & Measuring Equipment, Tents, Sprint & Hurdle Equipment, and Training Equipment.

The Everything Track & Field website has a training zone for each track and field sport, including discus throwing. The discus throwing section has several free online articles about training for discus throwing, written by experienced discus throwing coaches.

The Everything Track & Field website also describes equipment packages for discus training, which are available for sale online. Other sections of the website include Camps & Clinics, Special Offers On Sale, Best Sellers, and Support.

The 'Everything Track & Field' website is at this web address:


Beesker keeps its selections under review. User feedback is welcome at


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Publisher: Beesker, the world's first directory of 'best on topic' websites, is published by Extonet Ltd. Beesker is financed only by Google advertisements; no payment is taken from recommended websites.


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