We have selected American Kennel Club as the world's very best website on Dogs.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) was founded in 1884, and has its headquarters in New York, USA. It is the leading non-profit organization in the USA dedicated to the study, breeding, exhibiting, and promotion of pure bred dogs. It is affiliated with more than 4,300 dog clubs in the USA, and regulates over 15,000 dog events each year.

The American Kennel Club website is organized into the following main sections: Dog Breeders, Dog Breeds, Dog Clubs, Answer Center, Dog Owners, Events, Future Dog Owners, Health for Dogs, Kids/Juniors, Online Services, Dog News, and Store.

The Dog Breeds section contains detailed illustrated articles on each of the more than 150 breeds recognised by the AKC. They are grouped into seven categories and a miscellaneous class, as follows: Sporting Dogs, Hounds, Working Dogs, Terriers, Toy Dogs, Non-Sporting Dogs, Herding Dogs, and Miscellaneous Dogs.

The section for Future Dog Owners contains advice on being a responsible dog owner. This provides 102 tips, including: Recognize the Commitment, Evaluate your Lifestyle, Make a List, Choose a Breed, and Get a Referral.

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