dolls houses

We have selected Dolls House World as the world's very best website on Dolls Houses.

The Dolls House World website is produced by the magazine Dolls House World, published in the UK by Ashdown. The main sections of the website include: Back Issues, Community, Club Discounts, Show Dates, Favourite House, Wallpaper, Gallery, Printables, and Mini Movies. 

The Community section includes a Dolls House Blog, a Dolls House Forum, and a Gallery of Dolls Houses. Users can contribute their own photographs of their dolls houses to the Gallery. 

Parts of the website are open only to DHW Club members. Club membership costs £44 Sterling, $82.50 US Dollars, and includes a subscription to twelve monthly issues of Dolls House World magazine.

Click here for the 'Dolls House World' website: