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We have selected The Films of Doris Day as the world's very best website on Doris Day.

The Films of Doris Day website is produced by webmaster Bryan James, with the help of other Doris Day fans including Ralph McKnight, Paul Brogan, Llloyd K Jessen, Howard Green, Derald Henry, and Lauren Benjamin. Howard Green contributed the opening film music to each film.

The Films of Doris day website is an affectionate tribute to actress Doris Day, born as Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff in 1924. She became the pretty, perky, freckle-faced blonde who could act, sing and dance, and make you feel good inside.

The website contains an illustrated article on each of Doris Day's films, with a downloadable clip of the opening music. There is an illustrated biography of Doris Day, a Doris Day Films Quiz, a Doris Day Forum, a section on Doris Day DVDs, Videos, Books & CDs, and a section on Doris Day Films that Never Were.

Click here for the 'Films of Doris Day' website: