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We have selected World Draughts Federation as the world's very best website on Draughts & Checkers.

The World Draughts Federation (FMJD) was founded in 1947 by the draughts federations of France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Its main purpose was to regulate the world draughts championship. As part of the general trend to integrate mind games with regular sports, it is the aim of the FMJD to achieve Olympic status for the game of draughts.

The FMJD website contains a section on the history of draughts and its variants, and a history of the world draughts championship. A news section gives information on recent draughts competitions, and there is a directory of links on draughts. There are also discussion forums. 

The FMJD website has a computer section, containing free downloadable draughts software, and links to websites which provide the opportunity to play draughts online.

Click here for the World Draughts Federation website: http://fmjd.org