drums & drum playing

We have selected Drummerworld as the world's very best website on Drums & Drum Playing.

The Drummerworld website is produced in Basel, Switzerland, by Bernhard Castiglioni. It is a comprehensive resources on drums and drumming, which has been published since 1998.

The Drummerword website is organized into the following main sections: Drummers, Drum News, Drum Clinic, Drum Solos, Grooves - MP3, Drum Videos, Reports, Drum Links, Watchlist, Wishlist, DVD & Book Shop, Drumset Gallery, Discussion Forum, Drummers Feedback, and Frequently Asked Questions about Drums. 

The Grooves section contains more than 50 audio recordings of drums, which can be freely played or downloaded in MP3 format. They cover Classic Jazz, Dixieland, Rhythm & Blues, Classic Rock, Soul, Big Band and Funk. There are also freely downloadable videos of more than 100 prominent drummers.

Click here for the Drummerworld website: http://www.drummerworld.com