edward elgar

We have selected Elgar Society as the world's very best website on Edwasrd Elgar.

The Elgar Society was formed in 1951 to promote the study, performance and appreciation of the work of the English composer Sir Edward Elgar, and to encourage research into his life and music. It is the largest society dedicated to a British composer, and has a worldwide membership.

The Elgar Society website is organized into the following main sections: Elgar's Life, Elgar's Music, A Guide to the Dream of Gerontius, A Musical Diary, The Elgar Birthplace & Foundation, Elgar Market place, and Elgar Networking. Other sections include: The Apostle, which is the Elgar on-line newspaper, and An Elgar Timeline.

The Elgar's Life section contains short biographies in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, and Welsh. Articles on Elgar's Life include: The Elgar Family Tree, Elgarian Birthdays, A Short Bibliography, and The Elgar Trail - a short illustrated tour of Elgar's houses.

The Elgar online store is operated by the shop at the Elgar Museum near Worcester, England. It offers CDs and DVDs, Books, Souvenirs, Scores, and Sheet Music.

The Elgar's Works section contains a Chronology of Major Works, and a Short History & Description of Selected Works. This Month's Featured Work is presented in downloadable audio. The last six months' Featured Works can also be heard in downloadable audio.

Click here for the Elgar Society website: http://www.elgar.org