egyptian pyramids

We have selected British Museum: Ancient Egypt as the world's very best website on the Egyptian Pyramids.

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt website is published by the British Museum, London, England. The website is divided into the following main sections: Egyptian Life, Geography, Gods & Goddesses, Mummification, Pharaoh, Pyramids, Temples, Time, Trades, and Writing.

The section on the Egyptian Pyramids is in three main parts: Story, Explore, and Challenge. The Story is about the building of the Great Pyramid. The Explore section provides a reconstruction of Khufu's pyramid complex. The Challenge section is an interactive quiz on the Height, Area, and Weight of the Great Pyramid.

The website also contains brief illustrated articles on: What is the Great Sphinx, What Does the Word Pyramid Mean, Why did the Ancient Egyptians Use the Pyramid Shape, How Were Other Ancient Egyptians Buried, Pit & Mound Burials, Step Pyramid, Bent Pyramid, The Giza Pyramids, and Rock Cut Tombs.

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