We have selected Elephant Information Repository as the world's very best website on Elephants.

The Elephant Information Repository is sponsored by Elephant Host, a compassionate web hosting company based in Toronto, Canada. Elephant Host is a company which cares about the environment, and about awareness of and compassion for other animals sharing the planet. Its particular focus is upon elephants, whose interests it promotes through the Elephant Information Repository website.

The website is a comprehensive resource about elephants. It is organized into the following main sections: About Elephants, Elephant Links, Elephant News, Elephant Books, and Multimedia. The About Elephants section contains illustrated articles on: Elephant Family Structure, Elephant Anatomy, Elephant's Senses, Elephant Life Cycles, Impact, and Elephant Stories and History. The Elephant Links section is organized into the following sub-categories: Conservation, Information Links, Animal Rights, Ivory Links, Concerned Groups, and About Circuses. 

The Elephant Books section enables users to buy books related to elephants via Amazon, with an automatic donation to charities working on elephant conservation.

Click here for the Elephant Information Repository website: http://elephant.elehost.com/