english literature

We have selected the London School of Journalism as the world's very best website on English Literature.

The London School of Journalism publishes website on its English Literature distance learning courses, which includes online articles and links on English Literature. The Literary Essays section contains 1000 word articles on more than thirty authors and genres. Topics include: The Author, the Text, and the Reader, What is Literary Writing?, Aristotle Poetics, Machiavelli The Prince, Edmund Spenser The Faerie Queene, Sheakespeare Hamlet, Shakespeare Twelfth Night, John Donne Love Poetry, and Ben Johnson. 

The Index of Resources section is a directory of several hundred links to recommended websites on English Literature. It is organised into the following main sections: EBooks & Readers, Literary Theory, Contemporary Literary Magazines, Poetry Resources, Literary Awards & Prizes, Periods of English Literature, Genres of English Literature, Authors (chronological by date of birth).

Click here for the London School of Journalism website: http://www.english-literature.org