first world war

We have selected as the world's very best website on the First World War.

The website, edited by Michael Duffy, is a comprehensive resource on the First World War. The website is organised into the following main sections: Battlefield Tours, First World War Battles, Encyclopaedia, Feature Articles, How the First World War Began, First World War Maps, Memoirs & Diaries, Primary Documents, First World War Propaganda Posters, Prose & Poetry of the First World War, Vintage Photographs, War in the Air, War on the Web, First World War Timeline, Weapons of War, Western Front Today, and Who's Who. 

There are also special sections on the following topics: The Somme, Passchendaele, Verdun, Poison Gas, Poetry, Trench Warfare, Christmas Truce, Posters, Machine Guns, First World War Commanders, and First World War Songs (including downloadable vintage recordings). 
The Timeline section gives a chronology of events in each month of the First World War. There is also an 'On this Day' section, searchable by date, which gives brief information on events of each day throughout the First World War.

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